i am not fearful of gun rampages in my community. (a mind dump about sandy hook)

- i am an urbanite; we have different concerns.

- i am a queer WOC.

- i fear police and interpersonal violence (like rape, being kidnapped, being mugged) because those are the crimes i am most familiar with in my community.

- i do not fear white men with guns entering my place of work specifically, because i fear white men in general.

- i do not fear anyone storming the church my sister, niece, and brother-in-law attend because hood folks STAY LOOKING OUT. (crack addicts and drunkles and perpetually-tipsy-aunties and granny crack dealers especially)

- this does not mean i think these things are impossible in my community.

- i do, however, recognize the openness and vulnerability of any building in what i identify as suburbia, and the ease with which someone could target any space on that landscape.

- it’s why i don’t feel safe in the burbs or rural areas.

- it infuriates me that anyone would target any place where people are minding their business peacefully.

- it disgusts me that folks are having the conversations they’re having about gun control without analysis of a culture that encourages violent outbursts as the only acceptable expression of any man’s emotions.

- i believe we all have the right to bear arms, but the responsibility to be sensible, reasonable, and fair in the weapons we choose. i don’t need a bazooka, but a handgun might work for me if i think that’s what i need. 

- i don’t understand why assault rifles can be purchased. at all. someone wanna ‘splain that to me?

- it’s not lost on me that the fear of having to defend oneself against military is a uniquely white/ suburban/ rural concern, while black/ brown/ working class white folks almost ALWAYS feel we have to defend ourselves against cops and/ or community members who’re stickup kids etc.

- i am sick to my stomach at the idea that anyone would slaughter any group of any people. maybe i really do believe that every life has value, even if it has no value in my own life. okay, so be it.

- i will forever be baffled by the ways in which folks center their own voices in these tragedies, when i think reflection tends to be more helpful.

- i don’t have a problem w/ anyone asking “why it matters” when white lives are lost. but i DO have a problem w/ anyone assuming that connecticut = white ppl only. cuz it’s not true.

- my heart swells with reverence for the adults who did what they could to safeguard those children, knowing they themselves could/ would die.

- love is real. i’ve seen so many outpourings of it. i know critical analysis is important — it’s necessary — but i’m astounded at the love people are showing. it’s real. and i appreciate it.

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