gonna talk about BDSM for a bit here.

and how i’m a really careful Domme, whose aim is to facilitate safe/ comfortable processing for my sub.

see, i believe BDSM is a healing modality. sacral or root chakra? spanking. taking shots to the body — sacral, solar plexus, heart chakras. choking - throat chakra. all of those things. no, it’s not all warm and fuzzy with meditation vibes.

but i genuinely believe folks are doing energy work when they engage. and it can drain the Dominant, same way the submissive may find themselves entranced/ meditative.

i think it’s why i’m a switch, tbh. sometimes the healer needs a healer.

addendum: i don’t play w/ ppl who are Dom only or sub only, for this reason. i believe those folks are dealing with serious vulnerability (sacral chakra) issues, and possibly need some realignment. i know this may sound impossibly witchy and/ or new age-y. good. that’s my goal. 

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